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Showcase your knowledge of Islam:

Below are choices of how I can assess what you learned.

Each project will be graded using the same criteria:


Includes 5-7 facts about Islam, including how it affects their daily lives.




Board Game

Create a board game that deals with fact-based facts about Islam. The game board could be modeled after games like Sorry, Life, Candyland, etc. Don’t forget to name the game. The game board, any cards and/or game pieces, and instructions must be included. Don’t forget to be neat, colorful, & organized.  Write a paragraph on what message you are trying to convey.  


Choose a song and re-write the lyrics to highlight the needed criteria.   Type a minimum one page  analysis of the words expressed in the song. 

Children's Book 

Write and illustrate a children’s book about Islam. It must include at least two characters with names, mention of the criteria, and illustrations on at least 3 pages. Your story should contain at least 10 pages of story content. Don’t forget to title the story and create a binding for the book. 


Create a poster that is neat, colorful, organized and fact-based.  Be creative with the format so that there is minimal blank, open space.  Perhaps the poster could be “interactive”?


Write a poem. A minimum of 40 lines is required (just short of one full page Word document). The final draft should be typed or written neatly in pen and mounted with a visual illustration, collage, drawing, photograph, etc. to compliment the poem’s theme.

Radio/TV Advertisement 

Create a 60-second radio commercial for teenagers about Islam. Record (video or audio) it and turn it in with script and a paragraph (5 sentences minimum) on what you learned. 

Design a Brochure 

Use the computer or colored pencils and paper to design a brochure highlighting the information about Islam.

Newspaper Cover Page 

Create a cover page for a newspaper outlining  facts about Islam.  Do this on the computer or by hand.

Comic Strip 

Create your own comic strip dealing with a drug message. There should be a minimum of 15 frames, which include the facts about Islam. Write a paragraph on what message you are trying to convey. It can be black and white, but it must be neat and legible. 


Create a presentation about Islam. All material must be fact-based. The PowerPoint must include text, visuals, custom animation, slide transitions, and sound. The end of the report must include a 5-question multiple-choice quiz to test the audience. Don’t forget to include the correct answers! A minimum of 15 slides must be included [this includes the title (1), resources (1), & quiz slides (1)]. 

Islam Box

Use a box as your template.  Cover the box and create the five showing sides to display your facts.

Create an Assessment 

Use the facts you learned to create a test for your teacher.  Include a variety of questions as well as an answer key.  You could use paper and pencil or a computer.  You might also consider using an app like Kahoot!.

Create Your Own 

Get your teacher's approval



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