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Drug Awareness:

Drug Research Project




Students will research drugs in order to create

a visual display identifying the harmful effects

of drug use.


I can research using online resources such as databases and professional websites.

I can create citations using EasyBib.

I can choose copyright free pictures by using the proper filter.





1. You will be researching one of the following topics:



Club Drugs

Narcotics Hallucinogens Steroids




2. Research information about your drug. Remember to include the information below: 

  •  3 reasons why it would be harmful for a teenager to use this drug.
  •  5 necessary facts about the drug that a teen would need to understand in order to refuse it.
  •  An anti-drug slogan incorporating information obtained about the drug




Remember to keep EasyBib open as your research!




Suggested Resources:   


Click on drug facts...



Scroll down to see a list on the right...




Click on citation tools on the right to export

your citation into EASYBib! 

Super EASY!






Remember to use passwords if accessing

databases from home.


Passwords are available in the library.



Citations are available at the bottom

of each encyclopedia article.

Copy the information into EasyBib!





Cite your sources using MLA style!



You need to cite sources for information and PICTURES!


Searching for Pictures:

Google or Bing has a "Usage Rights" filter

Choose Labled for noncommercial reuse



Citing Pictures: 

Copy the URL of the site where the picture lives!

Do not cite the Google or Bing search results!

 Add "Image Source:" before the URL, 


Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Toddy_Dog.jpg 




Showcase your knowledge of the drug unit:

Below are choices of how I can assess what you learned.

Each project will be graded using the same criteria:


Board Game

Create a board game that deals with fact-based information from any drug. The game board could be modeled after games like Sorry, Life, Candyland, etc. Don’t forget to name the game. The game board, any cards and/or game pieces, and instructions must be included. Don’t forget to be neat, colorful, & organized.  Write a paragraph on what message you are trying to convey.  


Choose a song and re-write the lyrics to highlight the needed criteria.   Type a minimum one page  analysis of the words and attitudes towards drugs expressed in the song. 

Children's Book 

Write and illustrate a children’s book with an anti-drug message. It must include at least two characters with names, mention of the criteria, and illustrations on at least 3 pages. Your story should contain at least 10 pages of story content. Don’t forget to title the story and create a binding for the book. 


Create a poster that is neat, colorful, organized and fact-based.  Be creative with the format so that there is minimal blank, open space.  Perhaps the poster could be “interactive”?


Write a poem. A minimum of 40 lines is required (just short of one full page Word document). The final draft should be typed or written neatly in pen and mounted with a visual illustration, collage, drawing, photograph, etc. to compliment the poem’s theme.

Radio/TV Advertisement 

Create a 60-second radio commercial for teenagers about the myths and truths surrounding a specific drug. Record (video or audio) it and turn it in with script and a paragraph (5 sentences minimum) on what you learned. 

Design a Brochure 

Use the computer or colored pencils and paper to design a brochure highlighting the information about your drug.

Newspaper Cover Page 

Create a cover page for a newspaper outlining all of the facts about your drug.  Do this on the computer or by hand.

Comic Strip 

Create your own comic strip dealing with a drug message. There should be a minimum of 15 frames, which include the facts from the criteria. Write a paragraph on what message you are trying to convey. It can be black and white, but it must be neat and legible. 


Create a presentation about a drug related topic and present it to the class. All material must be fact-based. The PowerPoint must include text, visuals, custom animation, slide transitions, and sound. The end of the report must include a 5-question multiple-choice quiz to test the audience. Don’t forget to include the correct answers! A minimum of 15 slides must be included [this includes the title (1), resources (1), & quiz slides (1)]. 

Anti-Drug Box

Use a box as your template.  Cover the box and create the five showing sides to display your facts.

Create an Assessment 

Use the facts you learned to create a test for your teacher.  Include a variety of questions as well as an answer key.  You could use paper and pencil or a computer.  You might also consider using an app like Kahoot!.

Create Your Own 

Get your teacher's approval












More Tech Resources:



Gallery Walk 


You will critique

each others project!







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