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Amazon Rainforest

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Latin America- Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest

Research Choice Board


Directions- How can we make others aware of the events taking place in the Amazon’s rainforest?  What is the impact on the world?  Before you can answer this, you need to be an informed student.  You need to know ALL of the facts before making your final decision.  Once you have conducted research, you will need to take a stand for or against this issue as many others have done.  Then, you will need to create a final project to validate your point of view.


Use the choice board below to decide which resources you will use to conduct your research.  You must use at least one resource from each column and you have three class periods to read, watch and take notes. 

Digital resources can be found using the Scoop It site.

ALL MUST READ- Developing an Abundant Land p. 305-308 from the World Cultures and Geography textbook.


Plants & Animals




KDE Santa Barbara

Weather and

Plan & Animal Life



Characteristics and importance of the rainforest

Rain Forest Threats, Rain Forest Species National Geographic  

Read statistics related to the loss of rainforests and the reasons for their demise

Tropical Rainforest Facts

General information to reasons for destruction

Tropical Rainforest Facts 2

Kids' Corner Rainforest Alliance  Find out about the people, plants and animals of the forest.


Landmarks Tropical Rainforest: Destroying the Forest (SafariM)

Eco kid: Savior of the Belizean Rainforest!

What is destroying the Rainforest?

World Book 

Scroll down to The Future of Rain Forests

One Tree Planted- Tree statistics

Deforestation  A Teacher Tube produced video outlining how the rainforest is being destroyed

Deforestation Facts, Causes & Effects

Science Kids Earth Facts  **

Rainforest Animals




Nystrom Desk Atlas,  Pgs. 28, 30, 38

(print source)




Amazon Rainforest

Final Project Menu

How can we make others aware of the events taking place in the Amazon’s rainforest?  What is the impact on the world? 

Now that you have conducted research from several sources about the destruction of the Amazon’s rainforest, it’s time to share your knowledge with others. 

The task is to create a visual presentation outlining what is happening in the Amazon.


You should include:

  • The overall main idea about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest

  • The possible benefits of deforestation

  • The possible problems of deforestation

  • Possible solutions to stop or at least slow down deforestation 





Project Options

  • Powerpoint Slideshow

  • Prezi Slideshow

  • Informative Brochure

  • Picture Story

  • Public Service Announcement

  • Write a children’s book

  • Cartoon Strip

  • Skit

  • Poem

  • Write a letter to the Brazilian Consulate

  • Write a letter to ______________

  • Do you have another idea?  Ask…. It might be approved!


You’ve already done the hardest part…. RESEARCH!


Look back through your notes and decide what

is important to know.  Use those facts to create your project.  You can do everything by hand or

on the computer.


Start by creating a rough sketch of your idea.

Then begin to add facts and visuals to your

words. Finally connect the ideas and visuals and create a project of your choice. 


Your final product must be accurate and neat. 

Use the rubric to be sure you have included everything.








You can find resources at http://www.scoop.it/t/rainforest-research-by-patricia-engel-bunch  



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