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Ancient African Civilizations

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Grade 7 World Cultures

Unit: Africa

O-3 Students will analyze early African civilizations in order determine factors that contributed to their development and growth.

KSI-B Evaluate the achievements of selected early African civilizations.


Objectives: Students will be able to ...

  • Use research skills and resources in order to analyze the achievements of early African civilizations.
  • Use writing, speaking, and listening skills and an online communication tool in order to share research findings and evaluate the achievements of early African civilizations.



  • Use this organizer (standard | GT) to record information and ideas about early African civilizations.
  • Download it and SAVE it to your Documents Library with file name: Lastname_Africa, then OPEN it.


  • civilization

  • achievements - major accomplishments that made the civilization more successful or powerful

    • EXAMPLES of achievements:

      • Creating ... an alphabet or system of writing to promote literacy and communication

      • Building ... roads to increase transportation and trade

      • Inventing ... the plow to make farming faster and more productive

      • Conquering ... other groups to take control of lands and resources

Daily Assessments:





Search the World Book Student database for an resources about your civilization.



Region: Nile Valley

1. Ancient Egypt


2. Kingdom of Kush in Nubia


Region: West Africa


3. Ancient Ghana


4. Kingdom of Mali


5. Kingdom of Songhay (Songhai)


Writing your Research Summary

Example of a decent research summary paragraph:


Example of research summary paragraph needing REVISION due to missing words, lack of punctuation (commas, periods), run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, sentences that don't make sense.

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