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First Aid-Health

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First Aid Project


Ms. Bolt/ Ms. Bunch



Students will research first aid for injuries and illnesses in order to

apply basic techniques in specific situations.




Choose one of the following topics to research: (only three students per topic)


1st and 2nd Degree Burns 

3rd Degree Burns 

CPR/Rescue Breathing 

Broken Bones  

Concussion  Bites (human, animal, insect) 
Anaphylactic Shock  Bleeding  Poisioning 
Choking   Seizures 

Heat Stroke 


After choosing a first aid topic to research, you will create a presentation that will cover the following criteria: 

  • Name the injury
  • Brief description of the injury with an interesting fact to "grab" the audience
  • What does it look like
  • What might the victim feel?
  • Provide at least 3 signs/symptoms
  • What can you do to help the victim before emergency services arrive?
  • Define any vocabulary that may be difficult for readers
  • What can you do to prevent this injury from occurring again? (Safety tips- at least 3)
  • Describe what would happen if the injury was left untreated





Suggested Resources:    







Remember to use passwords if accessing databases from home.


Passwords are available in the library.




Citations are available at the bottom of each encyclopedia article.

(Burns, Broken Bones)


Cite your sources using MLA style!



You need to cite sources for information and PICTURES!




One of the following multimedia tools are suggested to create your presentation:


                  Microsoft Publisher



If you wish to use another tool, please get approval.    











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