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Animal Farm  Resources

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Gather and Sort

  • Open a NEW TAB in Internet Explorer and go to www.easybib.com
  • Log In and Create a New List; name it Animal Farm.
  • As you use the resources below, take notes and cite your sources in EasyBib as directed.




1. Search Merriam-Webster’s Word Central online dictionary for definitions or listen to pronunciations of unfamiliar terms in the readings

      • Cite in EasyBib as Dictionary Entry from a Website(under All 58 Options)


2. Do a keyword search in Fact Monster for Dictionary Entries, Almanac Articles, and Encyclopedia Articles

      • Cite in EasyBib as Encyclopedia Article or Dictionary Entry from a Website (under All 58 Options); Copy > Paste the URL to Autocite.



3. Gather information about your topic from one or more of the targeted websites listed below.

      • Cite in Easybib as Website (Autocite and add citation data as needed)



Political Power – Communism, Totalitarianism, bourgeoisie/ proletariat
Social Conflict – Socialism, Communism, bourgeoisie/ proletariat, Joseph StalinCommunism – Socialism, Communism, Totalitarianism; Lenin, Stalin, and Czar Nicholas IIHow Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism Work

How Communism Works
The Communist Manifesto: Bourgeoisie and Proletariat

(scroll down to section on the Russian Revolution)
Notes on the Russian Revolution
Biographies of Military and Political Leaders of World War I

Woodrow Wilson: America at War
America at War: World War I
America and World War I

World Wars
(World War I and World War II)
World War II Figureheads (includes Hitler, Stalin, & Churchill)
Political Leaders of World War II Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin
Marxism - includes info about proletariat and bourgeoisie

Current Communist Countries - including maps and flags

Winston Churchill

Franklin D. Roosevelt


BrainyQuote - Find a quote from your famous person!


4. Use the resources below to find additional Websites with information about your topic:

  • Cite in Easybib as Website (Autocite and add citation data as needed)


Destiny > Resource Lists > Public Lists > Animal Farm Background >
Websites tab

Destiny > Webpath Express (do a keyword search on your topic)




Database Articles

Search a Database for more information about your topic:


World BookStudent - do a keyword search.

        • Cite in EasyBib as Encyclopedia Article from a Website (under All 58 Options).
          Manually enter:
          • Article Title - Appears in BOLD print at beginning of article
          • Contributor's Name - Appears at the bottom of the article
          • Site/Encyclopedia Title - World Book
          • Publisher/Sponsor - World Book Student
          • Electronically Published - Type in 2010
          • Date Accessed - Click Today


SIRS Discoverer - Do a keyword search for a Reference article

        • Cite in EasyBib as Encyclopedia Article from an Online Database(under All 58 Options). Manually enter the information:
          • Click on SOURCE & SUMMARY
          • Title = Article Title
          • Source = Encyclopedia Title
          • Publication Date = Electronically Published
          • Database = SIRS Discoverer


Russian Revolution


Encyclopedia Articles from History Reference Center

      • Cite in EasyBib as Encyclopedia Article from an Online Database (under All 58 Options). Click CITE icon at bottom of article and manually enter the information.
        • Article Title
        • Encyclopedia Title
        • Database = History Reference Center




Print Resources

Find information about your topic in a BOOK or ENCYCLOPEDIA from the Animal Farm Resource List in DESTINY: Catalog > Resource Lists > Public Lists > Animal Farm

  • Cite a regular nonfiction bookBOOK.
    • Copy > Paste the ISBN number to Autocite the book.
    • Find the ISBN number on the back of the title page OR under Publication Info in the book's DESTINY record.
  • Cite an article from a print encyclopedia in EasyBib as an Encyclopedia Article > In Print. Copy > Paste the ISBN number to Autocite.
    • Find the ISBN number on the back of the title page OR under Publication Info in the book's DESTINY record.
    • ADD the Article Title and Author's name


Media (Pictures, video, sound)

Note: Media must be school appropriate!

  • Look for pictures or other media that directly illustrate information in your research notes.
  • When you find a picture or audio/video clip, Right-click > Save Picture As or download.
    • Save In: your Topic folder on the Students drive in English < Holt > Class folder > Group Projects. Do not change the file name.
  • FOR NOW: Add websites where you found and downloaded pictures/media to FAVORITES by clicking on the Favorites Star.
  • LATER: Cite pictures used on your GLOG in Easy Bib as DIGITAL IMAGE (under All 58 Options)



Wikimedia Commons
- Do a keyword search on your topic or on an important detail from your notes. Pictures and other media from Wikimedia Commons is copyright friendly.



Google - Do a keyword search on your topic or on an important detail from your notes.

  • Click on a thumbnail, then click on See Full Size Image. DO NOT cite Google as a digital image source in EasyBib! Cite the original source!


Russian Revolution of 1917

Karl Marx

Map of Communist Countries
Map of Socialist Countries
Trotsky Photo Album

Karl Marx Gallery

Communist Leaders Photo Gallery

Communism Photo Gallery - includes symbols of communism; download the THUMBNAIL photo (no watermark)

Image Gallery- Revolution and Change in Russia

Bolshevik October Revolution Photos

Hitler's Rise to Power Photos

Hitler Pictures

Photo of Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill

Pictures of Roosevelt

World War II Political Leaders

Communist Leaders

Russian Rulers

Pictures of World War II - See table of contents at bottom; stick to details from your notes!

Famous Speeches (Download MP3 sound file)


Search the History Channel website for photos and video or audio clips.

      • Add to Favorites.
      • Add to Ms. Ray's Download List.




Animal Farm Resources

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