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Cell Phone Addiction

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Cell Phone Addiction Lesson Links & Resources

àStart by taking the test by clicking the link below:

*SMART PHONE COMPULSION TEST*: http://virtual-addiction.com/smartphone-compulsion-test/


Your job is to create your own lesson that could be taught by you, a small group of students, or a regular teacher.  Think about what you want the students to learn while looking through the resources to create an objective or essential question.

You will need to check all of the resources below to pick which ones will be best for your lesson.

Create a worksheet using any of the resources below.  The more you use, the better your lesson will most likely be.  While making your worksheet, brainstorm the types of activities that teachers have you do in school to help you think of ideas.  You can also do something completely original as long as your lesson has educational value and you can assess what students have learned.

Think about all of the different things that your teachers have had you do in your classes all year.  That will help you think of ways to deliver your lesson to get students to learn your objective/answer your essential question.  You can create the lesson however you want, but it’s best to use a variety of strategies like you do every day in your own classes.

For example, include some web sites with passages/articles, video clips, and questions to check for your students’ understanding. Figure out a way to assess everything that they should have learned by the end of your lesson.  There are a variety of ways to assess your lesson, such as having students create a PowerPoint, write an essay, or draw a picture that would show what they learned.  The possibilities are endless, so come up with the best lesson that you would want to do as a student. 


RESOURCE 1: Are Teens Addicted to Technology?

(10 minutes of video and a description of a lesson plan; also a Kahoot! game)



RESOURCE 2: Do Smartphones Cause Sleep Problems, Anxiety, and Depression in Kids?

(6:50 minute video and some questions)


RESOURCE 3: Do You Control Your Phone or Does Your Phone Control You?

(Two videos and some research facts)


 RESOURCE 4: MindShow-Twinkie Apocalypse 

(Cell Phone Zombies) Script and Short Video




RESOURCE 5: Column: Students are Addicted to Their Cellphones, and They Need Our Help


RESOURCE 6: Video Playlist: Technology Addiction


 RESOURCE 7: Addicted to Distraction

An author’s point of view about technology


 RESOURCE 8: 4 Ways Technology is Injuring Your Body

Selfie Elbow? What you need to know about this injury, and other tech-related aches and pains.





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