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Study Skills

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Effective Study Skills are Key for Overall Academic Success!




You will follow Jim, a 12th-grade student juggling challenging homework and personal commitments. You will be introduced to Left Jim and Right Jim—two characters who illustrate the functions of the left brain and right brain. A variety of study skills are presented, including note taking, prioritizing, scheduling, and more.  



After viewing Study Skills on Discovery Education, you will be able to:

• Understand the functions of the right brain and left brain and use the knowledge to balance the tasks involved with studying;

• Plan an effective study schedule;

• Determine personal attributes that would impact an individual’s studying efforts;

• Make lists to aid in planning and prioritizing;

• Know how to approach studying with the right frame of mind;

• Identify and utilize a method of note taking that complements their personal strengths;

• Locate an appropriate location for studying; and

• Recognize time wasters and distractions. 

What to do....

Open a new tab....


  1. Go to BCPSOne<Digital Content<Discovery Education. 
  2. Return here and Click on Study Skills .
  3. Watch the movie the first time without taking notes. 2nd time, take notes.
  4. Open cornell_notes_research study skills.docx  .
  5. Save it using your last name.
  6. Turn it in when you are finished...remember to fill in all parts!
  7. Remember to go back and highlight important information and to complete the summary. 





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